Artwork, Lighting


These photograms were exposed directly in the developer. While playing a long varied playlist. 18 unique pieces, 32cm x 44cm


«Studio Obscura»

«Studio Obscura» is the result of a three-month studio stay in Leipzig. An air pistol and props worth 100 euros were available. Hans-Jörg Walter aka Fonzi Tromboni: «Studio Obscura» 2017 […]

Artwork, Photography

«Frisch gepresst» (Freshly squeezed)

With high pressure different food products were pressed between two armoured glasses, until the essences and fats swept out. «Frisch gepresst» Aus dem Notizbuch eines Spitzenkochs. Echtzeitverlag. Dieses Buch ist ein […]

Artwork, Still life


The 2010 campaign of the Zurich Theatre Festival was dedicated to Kaijūs (Japanese, Strange Beast, Mysterious Monster).


Swatch Lookbooks

Various artworks for Swatch, 2007-2009. The pictures had to visualize the design worlds of different watch collections.Client: Swatch, Agency: Kong