Cars Cars Cars

Autohaus Schanze

This isn’t about photography. But about cars. Beautiful cars, old cars. Three friends (including me) decided to run a car dealership of the seventies for three days. And that’s what they […]

Artwork, Lighting


These photograms were exposed directly in the developer. While playing a long varied playlist. 18 unique pieces, 32cm x 44cm

Camera Mania

Super 8

What could be more wonderful for a camera fetishist than to photograph a camera collection?


Shot & Shots 1.0

The photo shooting gallery has been around for a long time. It has lost some of its appeal due to the digitalization of photography. For the «Fotoclub Schanze» I reinterpreted […]


City Trees

For a report for the TagesWoche I flashed some trees. The full story as PDF:  TagesWoche_47_2017


«Studio Obscura»

«Studio Obscura» is the result of a three-month studio stay in Leipzig. An air pistol and props worth 100 euros were available. Hans-Jörg Walter aka Fonzi Tromboni: «Studio Obscura» 2017 […]



This clip was produced for the «TagesWoche». The timelapse was recorded on the roofs of Basel in infrared.